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Dowitcher Designs is an integrated marketing agency with California roots and a global reach. Dowitcher provides strategic marketing, design and technology services to organizations large and small. We listen, we collaborate, we partner, and we provide some kickass solutions to a variety of problems. Plus we have fun doing it.

We love our clients. And they like us a lot, too.

I recommend Dowitcher Designs as superb web professionals particularly in the areas of website implementation and SEO/SEM management. They are a valued member of my marketing team and an integral component to building my company’s web presence.

Mia Girard

Senior Marketing Manager & Creative Director, Synectics

So happy to recommend Amber and Dowitcher Designs for any situation they go after. Just take a look at the Women’s Festival website and you’ll see some of her capabilities. Amber is also very personable and offers great value with ON Time, all the time! (nope she did not pay us to say this!!:-))

Patty DeDominic

Founder, Women's Festivals

Dowitcher Designs is a great team and I highly recommend them for website development, computer graphics, editing, and more…

Nathan Woods

Owner, Santa Barbara Pet Services

Dowitcher did a fabulous job redesigning the brochures for our nonprofit organization. The new design uses a well-balanced mix of photographs and text to highlight the people in our organization and our mission. The vibrant colors and strong graphic design of the new brochure better reflects our organization and helps our recruitment of new members.

Michelle La

Board Member, AAUW

We can’t get enough of what we do, so we write about it, too.

How To Achieve Visual Hierarchy

Design is not solely about creating pretty things but also about effectively communicating the right message to the audience. To successfully communicate visually, designers consider three main things: typography, hierarchy, and color. Designers must ensure the font...

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When to outsource your digital marketing

Many companies try to keep work internal, hiring new employees to fill positions rather than outsourcing the work. People often think of outsourcing as relocating functions overseas but it can also be done locally to maximize growth potential and efficiency....

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Why You Need A Style Guide

The purpose of a brand style guide is ensure that contributors can create content in a clear way that reflects the brand’s style. Cohesion is important because it establishes a strong brand voice that will resonate with your target audience and build brand awareness. Keep reading to find out the many ways having a style guide will help your brand and what to do if you don’t have one!

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Planning Your Year End Appeal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For giving, that is. And you want to plan for your nonprofit organization to take full advantage of year-end giving. The best way to craft a winning year end appeal campaign is to start planning early, to give yourself time to create ideas, develop assets, and have a plan ready to go. Then by the time you hit the season, it’s all execution, measurement, a little adaptation if needed, and hopefully a lot of success.

Whether this is simply a refresher or you’re new to this process, here are a few key steps to plan your nonprofit’s end of year giving.

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Building a Better Contact Form

A well-designed contact form will collect information from site visitors effortlessly – directly through your web page. (Rather than someone having to hunt down the correct email address and login to their email account to send a message.) Social media is, arguably, the easiest way to connect with your audience but it’s not always the best form of communication. Contact forms are important because they open that communication channel and are a convenient method for prospects to approach you- even in your off hours.

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Common Marketing Challenges: Content Marketing

Content marketing has never been more important but there are many challenges that make it rather difficult to carry out in today's media landscape. Let's look at some things that might be keeping you up at night - and, more importantly - how to overcome them....

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WHAT’S A DOWITCHER? Good question!

A dowitcher is a shorebird that migrates through Santa Barbara, CA.

Yep, we named an agency after a bird.



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