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Dowitcher Designs is an integrated marketing agency with California roots and a global reach. Dowitcher provides strategic marketing, design and technology services to organizations large and small. We listen, we collaborate, we partner, and we provide some kickass solutions to a variety of problems. Plus we have fun doing it.

We love our clients. And they like us a lot, too.

I recommend Dowitcher Designs as superb web professionals particularly in the areas of website implementation and SEO/SEM management. They are a valued member of my marketing team and an integral component to building my company’s web presence.

Mia Girard

Marketing Director, Synectic Systems

So happy to recommend Amber and Dowitcher Designs for any situation they go after. Just take a look at the Women’s Festival website and you’ll see some of her capabilities. Amber is also very personable and offers great value with ON Time, all the time! (nope she did not pay us to say this!!:-)) Patty DeDominic

Founder, Women's Festivals

Dowitcher Designs is a great team and I highly recommend them for website development, computer graphics, editing, and more… Nathan Woods

Owner, Santa Barbara Pet Services

Dowitcher did a fabulous job redesigning the brochures for our nonprofit organization. The new design uses a well-balanced mix of photographs and text to highlight the people in our organization and our mission. The vibrant colors and strong graphic design of the new brochure better reflects our organization and helps our recruitment of new members. Michelle La

Board Member, AAUW

We can’t get enough of what we do, so we write about it, too.

Expanded Text Ads: A/B Test Complete

Expanded text ads went live in Google Adwords starting in July. Clearly, advertisers had some significant ad copy edits to make. There was general excitement over the more flexible 30-30-80 ad format but did it last?

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The ABCs of A/B Testing

You may have read the phrase “A/B testing” numerous times before and simply glossed over it. Or perhaps it’s a strategy that you implement on a daily basis. Either way, it never hurts to have a refresher course on the basic fundamentals: what A/B is, what the benefits are, and a few common mistakes.

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What’s In The [Ad] Forecast?

It’s *officially* fall which means your company is winding down any summer marketing campaigns and turning towards the holiday-side of things. But what medium should you concentrate on? Where is your time and money best spent? It might not be just sunshine and palm trees ahead – for the advertising and marketing world that is. Let’s take a quick look at the forecast, shall we?, and see just what lies ahead for us.

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Revisiting Internet Relics, Part One

As you might know, we at Dowitcher Designs recently celebrated our 10-year birthday. That means we’re about half as old as the World Wide Web — well, since it first became popular in the mid-90s, that is. The web has shaped so much of what we do, from the office to our homes. So in honor of just how far we’ve come, let’s don our flannel shirts, click to open our mental browsers, and take a little trip down virtual memory lane, shall we?

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WHAT’S A DOWITCHER? Good question!

A dowitcher is a shorebird that migrates through Santa Barbara, CA.

Yep, we named an agency after a bird.



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