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4 Characteristics of a Successful Logo

We live in an age where visual communication and branding surrounds us. Fast brand recognition is frequently the key to success. A logo serves as a an instant reminder that you, your company or your product is “out there.” A logo rarely sells or describes your company, but instead works as a symbol for your company. A logo should reflect the personality of your company (your branding) and at the same time be unique and memorable — all incorporated into one single little graphic.

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Tips on Writing Persuasive Content

Take a page from Aristotle’s Rhetoric If you have ever studied philosophy a few names probably came up over and over again – Plato, Socrates, Kant, Descartes…What do you remember about Aristotle? Did your professor ever refer to him as the... read more

Facebook Live Is Now Live with New Features

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook Live is finally, fully live.

After initially opening up only to verified public figures via the Facebook Mentions app last August, then slowly rolling out only to iOS users in the US, and then to iOS users in other countries, Facebook Live is now available worldwide to anyone with a phone.

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And the ADDY Goes To….

The Dowitcher team is proud to announce 4 award wins from the American Advertising Federation (whoohoo!). We took home two silver awards for book and web design and two bronze awards for web and logo design.

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What if Google Let You Publish Directly to Search?

It’s a presidential election year, and you know what that means! It means it’s time for the candidates to start sending you messages directly through Google search results.

Uh, what?

Well, it might sound a bit crazy at first, but Google is doing just that. They’re currently testing “an experimental new podium” that allows candidates and other publishers to communicate with the public directly using text, images, and video (even animated gifs).

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Remarketing For More Revenue

Reusing. Recycling. Remarketing?

You’ve probably been the target of remarketing before. Maybe you spent one chilly winter night browsing online for slippers, but you didn’t buy anything. Then you started seeing banner ads for slippers everywhere. For the next several days or even weeks, cozy footwear followed you around to every corner of the internet.

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Facebook for Nonprofits Underwhelms

Over the past month, you may have heard some chatter about a brand new tool Facebook has rolled out. Not surprising.

Since 2013, Facebook has been trying to assert itself as a force for social good. In November of last year, they launched fundraiser pages and improved donate features. (See a past Dowitcher blog on this very topic!) In December, they even created a Social Good Team, dedicated to social good initiatives and products.

Now, the company is introducing Facebook for Nonprofits. This new website caters directly to nonprofit organizations and NGOs. It gives groups the “tools and ideas to engage people in their causes and amplify their goals.”

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Instagram Simplifies Your Life…Finally

It’s finally here: social media enthusiasts rejoice, you can now add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts without logging out and back in. Gone are the days of trying to remember multiple passwords or accidentally posting a picture of your dog in a hotdog costume to your handmade jewelry account.

The photo sharing app recently announced that users can now maintain more than one account on the same device. You are still limited though – to a maximum of five different accounts.

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