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#OptOutside Campaign 2016: REI Builds on a Movement

Last year REI did something some retailers thought was crazy, and some marketers thought was brilliant: they decided to close their stores (and online fulfillment) on Black Friday, give employees a paid day off, and encourage everyone to get outside.

The #OptOutside campaign started a movement bigger than the outdoor retailer and proceeded to win not only good will but a boatload of advertising awards.

So in 2016 we expected to see a revisit of the #OptOutside campaign, and we haven’t been disappointed. This year REI asked, “Will You Go Out With Us?” and more than 300 partners said yes.

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Embrace the Emoji as a Viable Marketing Tool

Emojis have fully integrated themselves into digital culture, especially among teens and young adults. The little icons serve as a way to insert personality and bring a human element in branding messages. By using emotions to express emotions and thoughts, your brand can increase conversions and engagement.

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Foregone Formats

I came across an article last week that cited playlists are on the rise. Using the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album, the author then went on to question the necessity of a whole album. I am unabashedly a Kurt Cobain fan so this... read more

Social Media Platforms’ New Mindset

A few things in the news I read recently got me thinking: Have we completely grown beyond “social media”?

Companies like Snapchat are certainly trying to shed the label. The ‘don’t-call-me-a-social-media-company’ company has dropped the “chat” and is now Snap Inc. The launching of video-recording sunglasses called Spectacles also places Snap firmly in the camera company column.

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Successful Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Does your brand have a documented content marketing strategy? Done right, content marketing drives conversions and can generate leads up to three times more than traditional marketing. But what are the essential steps to a successful content marketing strategy? What makes content great and how do you integrate it into your overall marketing strategy? Planning, writing, editing, and distributing are only the bare bones of a content strategy.

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Long-Form Content: Rankings Booster or Time Waster?

For a long time, short pithy blogs with concise little introductions and a link to another page were all the rage. But then along came long-form content.

It only takes 500 words for a search engine to notice your content. So what exactly qualifies something as “long-form”? And what value does such content really have?

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Revisiting Internet Relics, Part Two

We’ve come a long way since the early days of the World Wide Web. But over the last 20 years of advances, a lot of trends and services got left by the wayside. I thought it would be fun to look back on the things that used to be such an important part of our lives — until bigger, better things came along, that is.

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