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6 Tips to a Better Podcast Today

You never know what the future holds for new media. Will it flounder and gradually die out, as in the case of Google+, or will it flourish and evolve? If you’d have asked me ten years ago to predict the future of podcasting, I’d have guessed it was a niche... read more

Are You Snapping Yet?

Optimizing Snapchat for Your Business We’ve written about Snapchat a few times on the Dowitcher blog but I realized, while perusing the archives, that we’ve never delved deep into how it can be used for businesses. That’s likely because, at first, it... read more

Empowering Employee Engagement

So you want your team to be engaging with your company’s social content; to be advocates for the brand. That’s a great idea because companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. But how do you convince your employees and/or... read more

7 Landing Page Mistakes to Fix Now

They say if you build it, they will come. But it doesn’t always go as smoothly as that. Landing pages are great conversion tools, but what happens when you build one and no one comes? If you have an underperforming landing page, take heed. Because as this handy... read more

4 Characteristics of a Successful Logo

We live in an age where visual communication and branding surrounds us. Fast brand recognition is frequently the key to success. A logo serves as a an instant reminder that you, your company or your product is “out there.” A logo rarely sells or describes your company, but instead works as a symbol for your company. A logo should reflect the personality of your company (your branding) and at the same time be unique and memorable — all incorporated into one single little graphic.

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Tips on Writing Persuasive Content

Take a page from Aristotle’s Rhetoric If you have ever studied philosophy a few names probably came up over and over again – Plato, Socrates, Kant, Descartes…What do you remember about Aristotle? Did your professor ever refer to him as the... read more

Facebook Live Is Now Live with New Features

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook Live is finally, fully live.

After initially opening up only to verified public figures via the Facebook Mentions app last August, then slowly rolling out only to iOS users in the US, and then to iOS users in other countries, Facebook Live is now available worldwide to anyone with a phone.

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And the ADDY Goes To….

The Dowitcher team is proud to announce 4 award wins from the American Advertising Federation (whoohoo!). We took home two silver awards for book and web design and two bronze awards for web and logo design.

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