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Generation Gap: How People of Different Ages View User-Generated Content

The vast majority of people use social media to talk about companies; from celebrities to neighbors to your mom, people take to social to discuss a newly discovered yoga clothing company or their favorite local produce delivery service. However there is a great difference in the way different generations do this. Millenials to baby boomers – it varies widely how people of different ages might create, consume, and share user-generated content.

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5 Ways Netflix is Winning at Content Marketing

In less than 20 years, Netflix has become the largest streaming media provider, with more than 86 million subscribers in over 190 countries and valued around $40 billion.

Behind the world’s leading online TV network are clearly some savvy marketers who have a lot to teach other content professionals.

Just what are the folks over at Netflix doing right? Here are five ideas to keep in mind as you move forward with your own content marketing plan.

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Looking Back on the Last Decade

When we first realized that 2016 marked 10 years in business (a whole decade went by, what?!) we thought about all things that have changed in the digital landscape, from iPhones to social media networks to design trends. We reflected on how much Dowitcher Designs has... read more

Predicting the Biggest Digital Trends of 2017

I’m always curious to read predictions for the coming year, and even more curious to later return to those types of posts to see what happened (and what didn’t). ‘Tis the season for a little future-facing hypothesizing, so I’m adding to the fun with some thoughts of what to expect in the digital realm in 2017.

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Design Tips for a Printed Year End Appeal

It’s the season of giving and a well-crafted fundraising appeal is integral to any non-profit organization’s end-of-the-year development strategy. With this in mind, Dowitcher Designs Graphic Designer Gina has outlined a few strategies and tips that will aid you in creating a powerful ask that brings in more money for your organization.

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#OptOutside Campaign 2016: REI Builds on a Movement

Last year REI did something some retailers thought was crazy, and some marketers thought was brilliant: they decided to close their stores (and online fulfillment) on Black Friday, give employees a paid day off, and encourage everyone to get outside.

The #OptOutside campaign started a movement bigger than the outdoor retailer and proceeded to win not only good will but a boatload of advertising awards.

So in 2016 we expected to see a revisit of the #OptOutside campaign, and we haven’t been disappointed. This year REI asked, “Will You Go Out With Us?” and more than 300 partners said yes.

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