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Reflecting on 10 Years in Business

What does a decade in business feel like? Amazing, at times frantic, exhilarating, exhausting, educational, the best fun you can have.

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten whole years, honestly. We’ve seen a lot of change, in technology, our industry, the economy, the world. Our field continues to evolve and it’s hard to believe that when we first started Dowitcher we weren’t all carrying iPhones around with us. I like to think we’re young enough to be hip and old enough to be experienced.

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Crowdfunding Tips for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding is a fast, simple, and inexpensive fundraising tool. It’s an innovative advance that nonprofit organizations can use to get the masses’ support. Here I present the top things to consider when launching a crowdfunding campaign for a nonprofit.

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Instagram Insights

Instagram is poised to be the most important social media tool for this year. Not only was it the fastest growing social network of 2015 but sharing photos on Instagram has become a necessity to gain a steady following. Keep reading for more Instagram insights!

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Is Amazon Giving YouTube a Run for Its Money?

Amazon, the leading e-retailer, offers everything from groceries and daily deals to electronics, computer services, and digital content. Now, they’ve opened up a new video service that is available to more publishers. Amazon Video Direct allows video owners to distribute their content directly on Amazon’s video platform.

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Dowitcher Turns 10!

They say, “time flies when you’re having fun” and we couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to believe 10 years ago we were setting up shop in our home office. Five years ago, we moved into our downtown Santa Barbara, CA location and we practically can’t remember life before that!

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Hey Marketers, Your Prospects Aren’t Goldfish

They say never read the comments, but I did. And for once, I didn’t regret it.

I just came across this infographic from Wyzowl on the problem of shortening attention spans and how they affect marketing. It points to research which suggests that between 2000 and 2015, the average human attention span decreased from 12 seconds to 8.25 — down to roughly the average attention span of a goldfish.

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6 Tips to a Better Podcast Today

You never know what the future holds for new media. Will it flounder and gradually die out, as in the case of Google+, or will it flourish and evolve?

If you’d have asked me ten years ago to predict the future of podcasting, I’d have guessed it was a niche medium that would go the way of the dinosaurs. Instead, it’s steadily continued to adapt and thrive. In fact, between the last time I wrote about podcasting in 2012 and today, the number of active podcasts on iTunes has ballooned from 40,000 to over 60,000.

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Are You Snapping Yet?

Optimizing Snapchat for Your Business We’ve written about Snapchat a few times on the Dowitcher blog but I realized, while perusing the archives, that we’ve never delved deep into how it can be used for businesses. That’s likely because, at first, it... read more

Empowering Employee Engagement

So you want your team to be engaging with your company’s social content; to be advocates for the brand. That’s a great idea because companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. But how do you convince your employees and/or... read more

7 Landing Page Mistakes to Fix Now

They say if you build it, they will come. But it doesn’t always go as smoothly as that. Landing pages are great conversion tools, but what happens when you build one and no one comes? If you have an underperforming landing page, take heed. Because as this handy... read more

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