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6 Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Dead, Just Different

No one knows for sure when exactly it happened, but happen it did. You couldn’t escape the headlines: 2013 was the year the blog died.

It didn’t seem right. Dead? How could this be? Why, I just saw a blog the other day. Looked pretty alive to me.

Blogs didn’t die in 2013, of course. Maybe you could argue that commenting did. Or maybe, most accurately, you could argue that [...]

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Grow Your Presence on Instagram: Creating Good Content

In Part 1 we talked about how Instagram has become a vital weapon to keep in your marketing arsenal, and we also talked about how to get started. Now let’s move on to the fun stuff — creating good, engaging content.

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Grow Your Presence on Instagram: Getting Started

Hey, what do you know, it’s a brand new year full of brand new resolutions. And if you make one social media marketing resolution this year, make it this:

Amp up your Instagram game.

What? Instagram? I know. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t “get” Instagram at first, either. In its early days it had built up such a reputation as a hipster mecca for filtered shots of shoes and latte-foam designs that I couldn’t understand how it could be useful in a larger context. But now our little Insta is all grown up, and it’s time to take a serious look at its marketing potential.

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Practical Tips for Creating and Sharing Your First Vine

I’ve talked about why you should strongly consider adding Vine to your social media marketing strategy. But there’s still the question of how.

To that end, I’ve put together a list of practical do’s and don’t to help you create your first Vine.

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Pinterest Introduces Analytics for Brands

Pinterest recently added new functionality in the realm of analytics.

Available for business accounts, Pinterest’s web analytics will measure pins, repins, impressions, and clicks over time. Now brand owners can more accurately measure and track numbers such as how many people are pinning from their websites, how many people are seeing their pins, and how many people are clicking their content.

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The Visual Power of Infographics

They’re everywhere on the internet these days. As ubiquitous as cat photos. You’ve even seen them here, on this very blog — we like to use neat-looking ones to help illustrate key points.

I’m talking about infographics. A combination of the words information and graphics, infographics are “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.” 1

To put it in simpler terms: People like pictures.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Company Page

So, we need to talk about your company page on LinkedIn. You do have one, right? Nevermind that. I’m just going to assume that the first thing you did when LinkedIn rolled out newly-designed company pages to everyone at the beginning of October was set yours up. The second thing I’m going to assume is [...]

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eBay Gets a New Look; Looks to Pinterest for Social “Inspiration”

If there’s a constant on the Internet, it’s that things are always changing. One only has to look back at how drastically different our online world was just ten years ago to know this.

But in the midst of the swirling, dizzying stream of constantly-evolving information, there has been one thing that quite literally remained constant for nearly two decades.

eBay’s logo.

That is, until now.

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Brand Loyalty, Illustrated: Consumers and the iPhone 5

It would seem folks like their options to come in twos.

Coke versus Pepsi. Cats versus dogs. Cake versus pie.

And it seems the trend doesn’t stop at smart phones, because most people align themselves with one of two camps: iPhone and Android.

Yes, both operating systems inspire notoriously rabid fans. But the iPhone fans just got a little more rabid, because today Apple officially announced the iPhone 5. In light of that announcement I thought it would be fitting to share this infographic from ATYM on iPhone users who intend to upgrade in the upcoming year.

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Do You Need Brand Management?

We’ve seen a lot of branding “oopses” in our time. Logos stretched out of proportion. Muddied palette colors. Overlapping text, wrong fonts, outdated graphics, and inappropriate marks.

When Twitter released their new branding package early in June, everyone had a good giggle over the relentlessly thorough trademark and content display policy they released along with it. Weren’t they being a little overzealous?

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