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Scam-Stoppers: Google’s Efforts to Protect You from Bad Ads

Let’s face it, there’s an element to online advertising that feels a bit sketchy — like Vegas before the Strip got cleaned up. Maybe it was all those garish flashing banners and tricksy popups of the 2000s that put us off, but there’s still something about an online ad that raises suspicions.

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How to Reap the Rewards of Google & Twitter’s Romance

Have you heard? After a four-year hiatus, the King of Search and the Queen of Social are getting back together.

Google and Twitter recently announced an agreement to integrate tweets into Google searches. Google can technically find and index tweets now, but at 6,000 tweets per minute this “firehose” of data is impossible to crawl and capture without direct access. With the deal in place, Google can [...]

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From Content to Conversions: What Changes to Google’s Analytics Mean for Your Marketing

You may have heard: Google made some changes to its flagship website statistics service.

That’s right, Analytics has been revamped. If you’ve logged into your Analytics dashboard lately, you may have noticed a difference in what’s being reported. For example, Traffic Sources has become Acquisition, and Content has become Behavior.

Like most things in life, there are some good bits to the change, and there are some not-so-good bits. I’m here to help you sort it out.

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Digital Life After Death: Managing Your Online Assets

Uploading photos, sharing updates, writing emails, playing games — all in a day’s work online.

The Internet is so intertwined in both our jobs and our homes that it’s easy to forget that all of us online today are collectively the first “generation” to build and maintain digital presences.

We don’t think about the stuff we put out into the ‘net as assets, but they are. As much as a box of handwritten letters and photos are “real” assets, so are the pictures posted on Facebook and Flickr and the countless emails sent.

Which begs the question: what happens to those digital assets when you die?

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Cool Tool: Easy Custom Dashboards for Google Analytics

If you have a website, then you have a Google Analytics account. [Please tell me you have a Google Analytics account?!] Analytics are vital to gauging both your website’s successes and its failures. Are your visitors abandoning their carts before checkout is completed? Do you have a high bounce rate? Which content is getting the [...]

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The Secret Door: A Social Media Marketing Win

No doubt you’ve played with Google Maps’ Street View before. It can be handy when looking up addresses, or for checking out neighborhoods you’re interested in living in, or even for scoping out the places you used to live.

But what I didn’t fully understand until recently was how limiting of a name “Street View” actually is. Over several years and with the help of countless volunteers who have contributed 360-degree “photo spheres,” Google has amassed a litany of panoramas that go way beyond just street-level. And they’re all available for the whole world to see.

One of the coolest ways to check out these views is through an interactive experience called “The Secret Door”…

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Social Wars: the Battle Between Facebook and Google

Do you like Star Wars? Do you use social networks?

Even if you answered “no” to one of those questions, you’re in for a treat.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 4: The Strategy

In Part 1, we covered the old Google Product Search; in Part 2, we reviewed the changes that are taking place in the new Google Shopping; and in Part 3, we did some analysis. Now, in the final part of our series, let’s take a look at the choices merchants have before them, and how they might strategize.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 3: The Analysis

In Part 1, we covered the old Google Product Shopping, and in Part 2, we reviewed the changes that are taking place in the new Google Shopping. Now, it’s time for some analysis.

So what will come of the new paid inclusion model? Let’s take a look.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 2: No More Free Clicks

In Part 1, we talked about what Google Product Search has been — up until now. Here in Part 2, we’ll discuss what it’s becoming.

Google is in the process of phasing out free Product Search and phasing in monetized Google Shopping — in fact, it’s already started happening. Before we dive into the details, take a good look for yourself.

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