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How to Prevent and Survive Website Downtime

Well, this is good timing.

Just after writing my last post on Twitter’s ongoing issues with technical and capacity problems, I came across a handy KissMetrics infographic that helps drive my point home about the impact of website performance:

“[Downtime] can seriously affect user confidence, loyalty and ultimately eat into our bottom line.”

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 4: The Strategy

In Part 1, we covered the old Google Product Search; in Part 2, we reviewed the changes that are taking place in the new Google Shopping; and in Part 3, we did some analysis. Now, in the final part of our series, let’s take a look at the choices merchants have before them, and how they might strategize.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 3: The Analysis

In Part 1, we covered the old Google Product Shopping, and in Part 2, we reviewed the changes that are taking place in the new Google Shopping. Now, it’s time for some analysis.

So what will come of the new paid inclusion model? Let’s take a look.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 2: No More Free Clicks

In Part 1, we talked about what Google Product Search has been — up until now. Here in Part 2, we’ll discuss what it’s becoming.

Google is in the process of phasing out free Product Search and phasing in monetized Google Shopping — in fact, it’s already started happening. Before we dive into the details, take a good look for yourself.

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Hello Google Shopping, Part 1: Farewell Product Search

Well, it’s happening. Free Google Product Search is being phased out, and a new, paid inclusion model is being phased in.

What’s Google Product Search, you ask?

Fair enough. It is a legitimate question. Product Search has been incorporated into Google for so long that’s it’s become a seamless part of the search landscape. This picture will help identify the old Product Search results from the regular web search results:

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Favicons: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Installing Them

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to wager a guess that a favicon was a character in a popular children’s video game. But I do know better, since I create favicons for every website we build. And there’s a chance that you, gentle reader, might be here looking to find out how to do just that.

Now, it’s true that there are already a lot of favicon tutorials out there. I saw them all firsthand when a friend recently asked me how to make a favicon for her personal blog, and instead of taking the time to write out a list of instructions, I went in search of a good tutorial to link to. What I found was less than thrilling. Many are outdated, many didn’t answer all of her questions, and — if I may be allowed to show my bias — I just didn’t like ‘em.

Let’s just say I thought it might be time to revisit the topic. So I present to you: a comprehensive guide to making and installing favicons.

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Quick Guide to Using Google Alerts

Google has so many tools, it’s hard to know which ones to use! The answer is usually most of them if you’re running a web marketing campaign, but we know it’s important to prioritize. Because we care about the limited time we all have, we’ll be periodically highlighting the Google tools you should definitely be using, and the ones we use regularly….

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The Small Business Guide to Copyright, Trademark, and Patent

So you finally got your business off the ground and running — congratulations! You’ve got a stellar slogan and logo, you’ve got a shiny website proudly displaying your goods and services, and you’ve even got a smart blog where you share your thoughts on your industry. As your client list grows your days are getting busier and busier.

Well, slow down just a second, partner. Have you made sure all your hard work is protected?

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