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8tracks: New Kid on the Internet Radio Block

Take a second out from your hectic day and just listen to what you hear right …… now. Well? I bet you caught lyrics of that new Taylor Swift song and now it’s playing nonstop in your head (I’m truly sorry about that) or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic because your favorite 80’s anthem was just [...]

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The Subtle Art of the Yarn Bomb

If you haven’t heard of yarn bombing, don’t worry. These aren’t the kind of bombs that explode – but if they did, they would probably feel pretty cozy!

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Take an Urban Street Type Safari

Heard any good Comic Sans jokes lately? Designer James Victore doesn’t have time to listen to them — he’s much too busy taking other fonts to task.

Victore recently took a “Type Safari,” tooling around Brooklyn and Queens in an old Army Jeep with a camera in tow. In the resulting video, he looks at street type and signage and tries to “figure out what the hell it’s for.”

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Adobe to Creatives: It’s the Cloud or Nothing

What’s that? That’s the sound of a million designers and developers crying all at once.

Adobe just announced that they are ending perpetual licenses on all of their software products. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, Lightroom — all of the products that creatives use to design and build websites, print materials, and videos. Starting with the next version, which is scheduled to be released on June 17, users must purchase Creative Cloud subscriptions.

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The Secret Door: A Social Media Marketing Win

No doubt you’ve played with Google Maps’ Street View before. It can be handy when looking up addresses, or for checking out neighborhoods you’re interested in living in, or even for scoping out the places you used to live.

But what I didn’t fully understand until recently was how limiting of a name “Street View” actually is. Over several years and with the help of countless volunteers who have contributed 360-degree “photo spheres,” Google has amassed a litany of panoramas that go way beyond just street-level. And they’re all available for the whole world to see.

One of the coolest ways to check out these views is through an interactive experience called “The Secret Door”…

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Move Over, Charlie Brown — There’s a New Great Pumpkin In Town

What’s round, orange, has a stem, grows in a patch… and can be used to play a classic video game?

If you still guessed “pumpkin,” you deserve a treat.

Just in time for Halloween, Nathan Pryor — an artist, programmer, and builder…

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Lessons in Brand Personality: The LA Kings

In our office we talk a lot about developing a “voice.” Cultivating a brand personality is certainly one of the best things a company can do to attract a certain kind of customer — and keep him or her. And one of the best ways to grow that personality is through social media.

But one thing companies always seem to forget is that growing a true following — building a strong voice — is more than just collecting fans or followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Time out for a sidebar: Dowitcher Designs loves its hockey…

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