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First Impressions of the Liquid Image Xtreme Sport Camera

Recently I attended Vita Travel’s grand opening in downtown Santa Barbara. It was a fun party and as part of the celebration they raffled off a number of covetable travel items including luggage, clothing, and high-tech gadgets. And to my surprise it turns out I was the lucky winner of a Liquid Image Xtreme Sport [...]

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Facebook Takes Aim at Snapchat with its Brand-New Slingshot

This week Facebook launched a brand-new “ephemeral” messaging app called Slingshot. And like David taking aim at the mighty Goliath, Facebook is betting Slingshot can take down its archrival Snapchat.

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Getting to Know Pinterest’s Guided Search

I like Pinterest just fine, but one of my biggest complaints to date has been the near-uselessness of the search function. Searching a term included pins across all categories, and with Pinterest categories as diverse as science and nature and womens’ fashion, all you could do was scroll endlessly through the myriad masses of results and try not to pull your hair out in frustration.

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How #Coachella Does Social

Since its inception in 1999, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has grown by leaps and bounds into three-day, two-weekend event with 8 stages — and much of that growth can be attributed to the power of social media. What can be learned from the creative steps Coachella organizers took to build buzz for their brand online?

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View From Above: The 2014 Marketing Technology Landscape

We can probably agree that technology is the backbone of marketing — in the digital age, now more so than ever.

But as a marketer sometimes you can be so busy, well, marketing that you don’t have time to keep on top of the latest tech trends. So you wait until a need arises and then you dive into unknown waters, splashing around frantically in circles until you think you’ve found what you’re looking for.

No? You don’t often find yourself swimming on the job? Huh. Must just be me, then.

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I Love You, I Hate You: Women, Smartphones, and Social Media

Last week I came across an infographic on women and technology that I can’t seem to stop thinking about, so I thought I’d share it here with you.

Huffington Post and Real Simple teamed up to create an online poll that was answered by 3,583 women between October 7 and October 18. The poll asked questions about how smartphones and social media affect their lives.

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Facebook’s New “Company Town” and the Future of Life and Work

Would you want to live where you work?

With the overall trend toward a better work/life balance over the past few years, it seems to make sense to eliminate the daily commute between your house and your job. But for others, that may strike a little too, uh, close to home.

Facebook is wagering that its employees will appreciate the convenience. It has just unveiled plans to build a $120-million, 394-unit multifamily apartment complex between its Menlo Park, CA, headquarters and its new West Campus.

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The Secret Door: A Social Media Marketing Win

No doubt you’ve played with Google Maps’ Street View before. It can be handy when looking up addresses, or for checking out neighborhoods you’re interested in living in, or even for scoping out the places you used to live.

But what I didn’t fully understand until recently was how limiting of a name “Street View” actually is. Over several years and with the help of countless volunteers who have contributed 360-degree “photo spheres,” Google has amassed a litany of panoramas that go way beyond just street-level. And they’re all available for the whole world to see.

One of the coolest ways to check out these views is through an interactive experience called “The Secret Door”…

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Mopping Up the Internet’s Muddy Carbon Footprints

We all know the impact that cars, factories, and even our own bodies have on the environment.

But have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of the internet?

It’s true: every time you load a page, send a tweet, share a post, or “like” something online, you’re emitting carbon dioxide — CO2. A small amount, sure, but consider how many people the world over are loading, sending, sharing, and liking, too.

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How to Prevent and Survive Website Downtime

Well, this is good timing.

Just after writing my last post on Twitter’s ongoing issues with technical and capacity problems, I came across a handy KissMetrics infographic that helps drive my point home about the impact of website performance:

“[Downtime] can seriously affect user confidence, loyalty and ultimately eat into our bottom line.”

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