Inbound Marketing Packages

It’s all about attraction.

The best inbound marketing plans focus on creating awesome content, building engagement, and attracting the right people/businesses/leads. Why spend time interrupting people when you can bring the right audience to you? And build trust and recognition at the same time?

With a focus on an organization’s goals and specific measurements for return-on-investment, inbound marketing essentially rocks.

What we do.

Dowitcher establishes and manages inbound marketing campaigns with a variety of inbound marketing packages. We generate B2B sales leads, increase donor engagement, and drive sales via e-commerce. We produce content for universities reaching college students, and monitor conversions, ROI and more.

We love this intersection of creative content, marketing strategy and technology. It’s like we were made for it.

Inbound marketing plans include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing / marketing automation
  • Social media marketing
  • Additional marketing resources (white papers, ebooks, etc.)
  • Highly targeted landing pages
  • Benchmarks and goals

Is inbound marketing right for you?

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