Marketing Strategy

Marketing + Strategy… a beautiful thing.

Yep, we went to business school. And art school, and other schools depending on which one of us you’re talking about. We know organizations inside and out. And we love to apply that knowledge.

To kick off marketing strategy, let’s dig into the fun stuff:

  • What are your organizational goals?
  • How will this campaign/initiative/plan contribute to those goals?
  • How will we measure success?
  • How will we adapt and learn?

From there we can dive into a complete marketing strategy.

For a campaign strategy, we’ll:

  • Identify our audience(s)
  • Create audience personas
  • Develop messaging per audience segment
  • Identify key channels for delivery
  • Collect benchmark data
  • Create key performance indicators
  • Outline scenarios and shifts based on data
  • Plan reporting and learning structure

Marketing + Data is even better.

How do we know our strategy is working, or if we should even pursue a set strategy? Let’s look at the metrics and decide.

Know the cost of acquiring a customer or donor? How about a customer lifetime value? We can use that data with conversion rates to identify and optimize campaign opportunities.

We’ll help measure the potential ROI of that inbound marketing campaign or paid placement opportunity before you make a large investment. If it looks good, we’ll set benchmarks and other markers ahead of time, and monitor how it’s all going.

Because all of this data is amazing. And it doesn’t help us if we don’t use it.

Have all the data and ready to dive in?

Great, let’s set up a time to chat.

Get started!

Not sure where to start?

Our Strategy phase helps us work with clients to identify where they want to go, and how we can best help them get there. Learn more about our strategy and our process, then contact us to get started.

Not sure what those metrics are? No worries. We can help. Let’s talk!

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